7 Hottest Bunk Beds You Can Pick for Your Kids’ Room

Bunk beds are important for more reasons than one. Besides the fact that they help you make better use of space, they also provide a great bonding experience for those you’re getting it for.

It is, thus, little wonder why we recommend getting your kids a bunk bed to match their style.

Speaking of style, you can make a statement with the kind of bunk beds you purchase. Here are some interesting options to make your search easier.

The Doshie Metal Twin over Twin Bed is made of metal and completed with a clean, skin paint finish to give any room it’s in a nice appeal.

The bunk bed comes with in-built metal slats which eliminates the need for box springs or Bunkie boards. Safety of the top occupant is guaranteed with the inclusion of guard rails on the side.

Coupled with a ladder for easy ascent and descent, you cannot go wrong with this pick.

Who said bunk beds had to be limited to housing just two beds? Obviously, such a person has not met the brilliance that this Moorcroft Twin over Twin over Twin Bed brings to the table.

Coming with enough space to fit three beds and occupants, each of the top parts come with guardrails for better safety of the users.

The ladders are made such that each one is independent of the other, ensuring stress is not placed on the overall setup. We especially love the fact that this one doesn’t come with legs, contributing more to the overall stability of the unit.

Made from a premium combination of manufactured wood and solid wood, strength and durability are not things to worry about.

It is one thing for a bunk bed to be functional, and it is yet another thing for the same unit to be stylish. Fortunately, both features come with this Abby Twin over Twin Bunk Bed.

The bunk bed is made from solid pinewood, lending more credence to just how strong every part of the bunk is. Its ladder design is nothing short of stunning either, made such that it doesn’t stand in the way of a safe night’s sleep.

Coupled with guardrails and more than 6 color options to choose from, this pick has almost everything you need to host a good sleepover for your tot.

Got a much older sibling and a younger one whom you’d like to set up in the same room? Look no further than this Suzanne Twin over Full Bunk Bed.

At the base of the setup is a full-sized bed area for your older kid, giving them all the space they need. This base gently blends into the slanting top which does more to create a better visual appeal with the bed than conventional deigns. Leaning against both bunks is a solid ladder with tapered legs to ensure stability.

Of course, there are guardrails on the top unit, but we are more fascinated by the design of the head and footboards.

For those who are looking for the perfect bunk bed to blow their kids out of the water, that is what this Tena Twin over Full Stairway Bunk was made for.

Every last part of this bed is developed with the same solid Brazilian pine wood, coming with a Trundle for easy storage of night-time essentials.

The unit has been made fully child safe through a series of procedures – sanding and protection with smooth coating to prevent cracks, guardrails to prevent rolling off while sleeping and rails on the solid box stairs used in place of ladders.

Bundled with shelves and slat boards to make bed setup easier, it doesn’t get better than this.

Bunk beds are not just for toddlers alone. Buttressing that point is this Madelynn Full over Full Bed which pairs two full-sized beds for older children in the same setup.

We especially love the location of the ladders on this unit, placed such that they don’t obstruct the person staying in the lower bunk. The upper bunk’s occupant will also benefit largely from not only the head and footboards, but guardrails installed for more safety.

While we would have loved to see more features on this one, it is just ideal for parents looking for a minimalist approach to bunk beds.

We have seen the triple bunk beds, those with double bunk beds and amazing ladder setups. If you are going all out for the maximum works, we have picked this Lille Twin over Full Bunk Bed (with Stairway Chest) for you.

One look at the bed, and you will fall in love with the amazing craftsmanship achieved by the careful working of manufactured wood with solid wood.

The first thing that catches your attention is the full bed area on the base of the bunk, allowing you room a much older kid. Your younger kid will benefit largely from the amazing setup of the top which does not only come with fairy-tale-like stairs, but a mini castle to match.

On the side of that castle are drawers for easy storage of not only bedtime essentials but clothing, toys, and what have you. In short, this is the dream-come-true bunk for your kids.

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