Bedroom Enhancements: 6 Nightstands to Make Your Bedtime More Practical

Nightstands are not just there for the effect they have on the décor of your bedroom. They also come in handy when you have to keep your bedside lamp somewhere, store your alarm clock at a safe distance from yourself and/ or, keep the books you like to read before bed close.

No matter what you need them for, there is a shape and size that will cater to your needs. Here are the top options on the market today.

Your nightstand should be able to do more than just hold a lamp or alarm clock, which is why we picked this LaFave 1 Drawer Nightstand.

On the surface, you see a piece of finely made furniture crafted from a combination of pine and manufactured wood. On the inside, this nightstand comes with a single drawer to keep your bedside essential at arm’s length, quite literally. Completed with an open cubby beneath the drawer, you can store all of your books or bigger essentials here.

For those who want it as simple as they come, there is no way you will go wrong with picking this Acevedo Tray Table. It looks contemporary enough in style, but the finishing and styling gives it the modern touch to add more substance to your bedroom.

Made from manufactured wood, a single top is there for your simple bedtime essentials. This helps to discourage getting distracted before sleep while keeping your bedside unclogged at the same time.

Going all out for class and elegance? We don’t think any other unit speaks that language better than Dwyer 2 Drawer Nightstand.

The first sight is enough to get you all soaked up in the glossy brown finish, premium feel and sturdy build that this night stand has. This nightstand reminds you of 19th century models which managed to achieve a blend of lavishness and simplicity in the same breath.

Paired with two drawers for all you want to store away before bed, you can’t go wrong here.

During the development of this Annie 1 Drawer Nightstand, we have no doubt that the creators had lovers of retro styles at heart. There is an archaic vibe around this one and you can almost tell of how strong the wood is from mere looking at it.

That is all thanks to the solid acacia wood that makes this possible. There are two drawers there for your every need: one with a pull-out mechanism using the cup handle, and the other with a door mechanism.

Perhaps one of the most unique designs we have seen is this one on the Lyndhurst 1 Drawer Nightstand. The frame has an unmistakable mid-century feel to it, but its angled legs bring all that to life.

Coming with a drawer and open space placed just on top of one another, the finishing with two tones of black and brown makes this nightstand even more unique in its own rights. Oh, have we mentioned how durable the manufactured wood can be?

Those who said you cannot complete the modern appeal of your bedroom with a like nightstand are yet to see this Magnus 2 Drawer Nightstand. Four short, tapered legs are there to ensure stability of the unit, and kept at that height to reduce the risk of damages to the legs too.

Even though it is kept low, though, the top is rightly designed to fit the side of your bed.

This ergonomic design is only bettered by the spacious double drawer system in place here. Coming with knob-like, stylized handles, there is just so much to enjoy with this pick.

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