Chic Rugs to Change the Decor of Your Living Room

If you have in your apartment or house for an extended period of time, the need to change some things up to can be such a great thing. Even though, the procedure of decorating is neither fast nor cheap. Fortunately, you do not have forever need to take that route to do so.

Particularly when if your flooring is looking extremely worn out or way too boring for your taste and liking, you can upgrade its feel and elegance with these rugs, besides adding a stunning touch to the floor, it’ll add a different texture, soft feeling on the feet and change the whole look of your floor smoothly and swiftly.

  • The DAILZ Ethnic Velvet Touch Abstract Styles Chenille Rug

The unique design of DALIX Ethnic Chenille Rug is made of polyester Chenille with a Velvet touch. In the beige and red shade, it has amazing abstract floral and paisley designs and is of huge size.

  • The Home Talk & Cotton and Jute Braided Floor Carpet – Rounded multicolor

The Home Talk and cotton Braided Floor carpet is a vintage wonderland delight. The circular carpet is made of cotton and jute in braided coiled ways that will insert a new life to a neutral floor.

  • SARAL Home Carpets – Red

The SARAL Home carpets made for those in present styled house or apartment who’s looking for a real pop of color. The vertical cotton carpet features blocks of colors and stripes in red, white and black in an exclusive rectangular style.

  • Status 3-D Printed Nylon Runner – Multicolor

The Status Nylon Runner is perfect for all those who are looking for more color to add to their flooring. This colorful rectangle carpet has multicolored 3-D printed panels which look like wooden floors boards. Now that is a super unique look!

  • Genius Decors California SHAGY Range Runner – Beige

The Genius Décor Runner Carpet is something very straight out of PINTEREST. For modern and styles homes, the beige and white colored patterned carpet has a thick pile in a Shagy design to add an exceptional plush accent.

  • AVIONI Home Cotton CHINDI Braided Area Carpet, exclusively handmade by high Skilled Artisan

The AVIONI Home Braided area carpet is handmade by experienced artisans without the use of chemicals and latex. The wide rectangular carpets are made of many braided cotton parts which make an amazingly vibrant visual touch.

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