Creative Methods to Use Strip Lighting

Strip lighting has become a really fun and creative part in several spaces. While strip lighting is normally used under cabinets to light counterpart’s areas and for other conventional uses, some people are getting more creative with it. It is also simpler than ever to stick strip lighting only about anyplace, thanks to the smooth and flexible LED strip which come on rolls.

On the peak of that, several of these simple stick trip lighting options come in diff shades. Whether you wish to place the lighting somewhere untraditional like on the ceiling or you wish a colored light form, LED strip lighting is the super solution. Read on to find out who to work with LED strip lighting in a few fashionable ways.

Under stairs

Putting these under stairs is as fashionable as it’s functional. After installing you can how some added strip lighting creates a pleasant glow from with steps. And this plan works below both see via and solid steps. If you wish a more creative, unique space, you may consider doing a similar style with colored strip lights. You’d even make the lights match an accent color in the area. Or to truly make it a party, you’d utilize strip lights which change color.

This unique idea works indoors/outdoors. You may also consider getting creative with outdoor lighting ideas. You’d put it below railings or along outdoor walkways. Feel free to have real fun with it for a really personalized space.

As a ceiling accent

One area you may not think to install this sort of lighting is right up on the ceiling. But the image above shows how you can utilize these lighting to accent tried ceiling design. It really helps the geometry of the area pop. This is also a fine idea for spaces that’d use relaxing lowlight option, like house theater areas or bedrooms. Only have the ceiling LED strip lighting on would make for a true subtle touch. You’d also try different colored lighting to play around with the mood.

Strip lighting under cabinets

You normally see LED strip lighting below cabinets, but try placing them below the cabinets by the floor for an exclusively take on this trend. This idea can work really well in brightly colored natural areas. The soft yellow lighting adds a sign of color to the area, and there’re no other wide-scale colored products to compete with the lighting. If you were to turn off these lights, a style like this also make such relaxing mood lighting, particularly in the bathroom area.

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