Home Decoration: Summer decorating ideas to get excited about

So summer has arrived in complete swing and updating your home decoction to make this season would be a remarkable motivation to encourage spring cleaning. Be it changing large drapes with sheer ones or adding new fresh flowers to nooks and corners, the bright and sunny disposition of the sin can be simply translated into your house with useful décor tips.

For more permanent overhaul, bright wall paints, floral wallpaper, and even nature-inspired art can add an amazing vibe of summer retreat.

Here’re a few home décor ideas to get inspired from-    

The Shade of Yellow

Now change the feel of your kitchen with a sunny backsplash which resembles the bright outdoors. This amazing wallpaper has a styled tile effect which looks just like your usual tiles without the budget of real ones. This exceptional wallpaper will set well with wooden and white colored cabinets. In case your cabinets are in a shiny shade of orange or red, go for white backsplash with a subtle pattern for a more balanced feel. This yellow shade wallpaper will offset herbs on your counter elegantly.

Change up the curtains

Sheer white colored curtains would serve double features in your house filter the brightness coming from outside and also help with ventilation. White curtains also seem very gorgeous and will also offer a soothing visual attraction to every room. Change the feel of your living area with white curtains and add furnishing in contrasting and shooting colors to set the style of summer.

Vibrant Cushions and pillows

A remarkable way to balance colors in every room is to add contrasting pillows and throws which can be taken away from the eye-sight whenever needed. Cushions in vibrant Indian textile will include elegance and detail to your room decoration and will obtain you compliments for your choices.

Add a lush rug to the living room

In a case, your furnishing and curtains are white; offset them with a lush and vibrant looking area rug on the floor. Shades of orange, magenta, and even turquoise will include a very striking appeal to your room while also changing up its look.

Bamboo chairs

Bamboo chairs inside, outside in the terrace would lend a casual touch to your space. Be it a simple stool or a complete fledged seating set with table and chairs, bamboo furniture is also extremely simple reposition and carry on. In case you’re renovating your patio, add bamboo chairs as lounge chairs just next to your sofa.

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