Staircase Decor: Do not let Your Staircase be a Wasted Spot

You have been working on our home décor. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room? Check, check and check. Before you place away from your list and think yourself finished, consider about the spots of your house which often go overlooked but can make whole the difference. For instance, do not forget about your staircase look.

Sure, the stairwell is a small space. The square footage available to integrate certain décor elements is limited. But it is also the bridge among the floors of your house and, as such, the links that can bridge your separate room forms and create single cohesive touch throughout your design to the next level.


No drought, art is the clearest thing we can add to our staircases to provide them a real sense of design. It also occurs to be the clear option for a reason. Adding art to your stairwell is a rapid technique to beautify the space and add visual attention that does not take up any sq footage. One large piece can establish the spot, but the staircase is also a perfect spot for a gallery wall. Try designing an art-based staircase design which flows with the stairs.


Considering about a unique pendant light but not sure where it’d work? Have you desired to play with light sources set in the walls/floors? This is the spot to do it. Your staircase is a confined style opportunity. It’s fairly small footprints makes it a perfect spot to take a few big risks. And because of the innately sculptural nature of stairs, bold style options can be interesting and especially fun.


Not all staircases have a landing wide enough to accommodate furniture items. But consider creatively about the spot around the top and base of your space. Adding a piece of a statement furniture item can rapidly change the space from mundane to monumental.

The trick with picking the correct item is matching the visual weigh of the item to the corresponding stairway. A robust, structural staircase is helped by a low profile, visually large piece of furniture. A narrow, smoother staircase would be greater served by something more lightweight. If you are not sure what’ll work, try moving items you previously own into space until you find the perfect profile for the area.

Have you placed a few thought into your stairway design? Or is this a forgotten place in your house? Have you ever been really wowed by stairway? Let us know in the comment section!

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